Warriors Off the Res: Aboriginal Gangs in Winnipeg

Winnipeg is the capital of Manitoba, Canada — and for 16 of the past 33 years, it has also been the country's murder capital. The prairie city is home to just under 800,000 people, about 10 percent of whom are Aboriginal, meaning Winnipeg boasts the largest urban Aboriginal population in Canada. Largely impoverished and facing continual discrimination, the community has given rise to violent Aboriginal street gangs. VICE News went to Winnipeg to spend time with gang members and find out why they're linked to the majority of the city's murders.

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Americana: It's Like Vietnam All Over Again

Over the last 50 years war re-enactment has gone from something guys at the Elks Club did on the weekend to get away form their wives to a full-blown obsession among history buff with enough free time to make experience as true to life as possible. The Vietnam War has typically been forbidden territory, but re-enactment groups around the country have begun collecting their period-appropriate M16s for pretend skirmishes with fake Viet Cong. Thomas embeds with the Virginia-Carolina Military Association as they embark on their first tour of Vietnam...in North Carolina.

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Toxic: America's Water Crisis

America's Water Crisis is a three-part series about the sad state of freshwater in America. Vice correspondent Emerson Rosenthal dons his speedo to explore New York's poopy Hudson River as well as sinkhole in central Florida and the water war between Northern and Southern California.

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Anamanaguchi: Endless Fantasy

It's a poetry drone! It's a solar plane! It's...a single slice of classic cheese 'za mounted to a weather balloon that's pumping EDM out into the heavens? Well, of course it is. We sent a Regular Slice of Williamsburg Pizza to the upper atmosphere of the planet for the music video to Anamanguchi's "Endless Fantasy." Motherboard ran the behind-the-scenes documentary that supplemented it. Nominated for a YouTube Music Award. 

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Election Day in Turkey: Ballots, Watchdogs, and Fraud

Vice News correspondent Tim Pool went to Istanbul to check out polling stations and the city's main election center. He found a largely analog election process vulnerable to all kinds of voter fraud--citizen watchdog groups are the only line of defense against widespread election rigging. Tim caught up with one of these organizations, Vote & Beyond, as it monitored the elections.

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